Cellular & Molecular Research Center


Cellular and Molecular Research Center


The Cellular and Molecular Research Center is recognized as one of the research centers affiliated to Yasuj University of Medical Sciences aimed at providing a suitable background for research projects conducted by faculty members, postgraduate students, medical students, and other individuals involved in relevant fields of study. This Center, approved by the University Council of Vice-Chancellor's Offices appointing the members of the research council and determining its charter, launched its research activities in 2010 and it was registered by the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. At present, the Cellular and Molecular Research Center is working under the supervision of the Vice-Chancellor's Office for Research at Yasuj University of Medical Sciences. The given Center has a collection of specialized laboratory facilities organized to implement and develop research projects in cellular and molecular fields. In addition to communicating with university departments with postgraduate students, this Center also provides many laboratory services. As well, this Center has faculty members and experts to guide the research projects.

Goals and Objectives

1.      Development and use of human knowledge in cellular and molecular research

2.      Scientific research (fundamental(basic)-applied) in molecular and cellular fields to develop diagnosis of diseases and to use appropriate treatment methods

3.      Establishment of a database (collecting, sorting, and classifying documents, evidence, and articles) related to the research projects conducted in the given Center and other cellular and molecular research centers

4.      Encouragement, stimulation, and coordination of community and university researchers for the implementation of new research projects in the cellular and molecular field as well as related fields

5.      Absorption and use of actual and potential talents as well as faculty members with research capabilities, and also organization of cellular and molecular research and its related research fields

6.      Efforts to attract cooperation and communication with other domestic educational and research centers working in educational, research, cellular, and molecular fields

7.      Scientific collaboration and communication with educational and cellular and molecular research centers in other countries and international organizations accepted by the competent authorities in the framework of laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran

8.      Advanced research in the field of separation, differentiation, and genetic manipulation of stem cells and their use in the treatment of laboratory models of diseases and humans

9.      Training researchers as human resources in postgraduate programs (Master's degree and PhD) related to the activities of the Center, in accordance with the regulations approved by the University Council and the permit issued by the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education

Research Priorities

The Cellular and Molecular Research Center works to promote the scientific level and increase the research and educational capabilities of Yasouj University of Medical Sciences along with other research centers in these fields:

-        Research

-        Holding seminars, conference, and educational workshops

-        Providing specialized laboratory services to researchers 


The research priorities of the Cellular and Molecular Research Center are determined on the basis of the following indicators:

A.    Needs of society

B.     Existing capacities, facilities, and specialist human resources at the University and the Center

C.     Collaboration with clinical and education departments as well as hospitals affiliated to the University

D.    Patient-centered and clinical research  

E.     Expert opinions of the faculty members

Different Research Areas

-        Research on fertility/infertility

-        Research on cancer

-        Immunohistochemistry and histochemistry

-        Biochemistry with emphasis on chromatography system (HPLC)


The Cellular and Molecular Research Center also considers seminars, conference, and workshops in its core programs.

Executive Policies 

Within its executive policies, the Cellular and Molecular Research Center is to put seeking support and receiving research funds from domestic and foreign sources, exchanging a memorandum of understanding with major research and scientific centers, and providing information about the capacity and facilities of this Center into its agenda.

Programs Offered in the Cellular and Molecular Research Center

Based on the specified policies and priorities, this Center was in the pursuit of these research programs in 2011 as follows:

1.      Implementation of approved research projects

  • Projects with a credit ceiling of 200 million rials (above 4500 US dollars)
  • Joint projects with the collaboration of other inter-organizational and academic centers

2.      Review and approval of new research projects


Contact Information

Address: Cellular and Molecular Research Center, Yasouj University of Medical Sciences Campus, next to Imam Sajjad (AS) Hospital, Shahid Dr. Jalil Ave., Yasuj, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, IRAN

Website address: http://www.cmrc.yums.ac.ir