YUMS Housing Discipline

YUMS Housing Discipline


University and students are regarded as pivots of scientific, cultural and social development of the nation. Dormitories as the second house of students play a crucial role in increasing happiness, physical and spiritual tranquility, developing ideas, personality and the quality of students’ studies. The following rules and regulations have been compiled in order to facilitate and improve life qualities in the dormitories and with the purpose of reflecting individual and group rights, reinforcing the feature of responsibility assumption and self-confidence, as well as providing safety:


Rules and Regulations

  •         As students are assigned to a room, they will receive a Room Condition Report which includes a list of furniture available in the room. At the end of each semester, your room and furnishings will be checked against this Room Condition Report. Each student should assume full responsibility for any damage to the room furnishings.
  •        You will be billed for damages or missing items. The amount will be determined by the office of the Residential Life. Your student’s ID card will be reissued for the next semester only after you have paid the fine.
  •       Students should provide the bedding and the comforter. The bed and the mattress, though, are supplied by the University.
  •       Announcements and advertisements are prohibited in the Residence Hall, unless you get permission from the office of Residential Life.
  •        Smoking is strongly prohibited in the elevators and hallways.
  •        Sale and distribution of tobacco and smoking products in the dormitory is strictly forbidden.
  •        Students will be allocated rooms based on the available facilities and vacancies.
  •         Students are not permitted to stay in the residence hall after graduation, withdrawal, expulsion or any kind of disconnection from the University including suspension or academic leave.
  •         Residents are allowed to stay 2 more weeks after graduation if they obtain written permission from the office of Students Affairs.
  •        It is possible to change your room just in specific cases and after obtaining written permission from the office of Residential Life.
  •         The office of Residential Life might decide to move a student from one room to another during their stay. The resident should reside in the rooms determined for them.
  •        The number of residents occupying a room is determined by the office of Residential Life. Thus, students should not refuse the new students who have permission to live in the same room.
  •       Residents ought to leave the residence hall during summer and semester breaks. International students might be excluded from this rule, based on the University policy. Students who have taken courses during these periods are allowed to stay after they have demonstrated the required document.
  •        Students are allowed to reside in the residence hall based on the duration of their studies. Those students studying at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. level can stay in the residence hall for 8, 5, and 14 semesters respectively. Residential Life Office might extend or shorten this period.
  •       In case a student refuses to evacuate their room by the due date, their room will be evacuated by the head of the dormitory in the presence of a representative from the University security and the head of Residential Life. In addition, the resident’s violation of the rule will be reported to the authorities for further investigation.
  •        Residents are required to carry a photo ID card at all times.
  •        Students are allowed to enter and leave the Residence Hall during certain time period based on the following schedule:




Table of Exit and Entrance Hours







7:00 a.m.

9:00 p.m.

7:00 a.m.

11:00 p.m.


·         Each student must record their entrance and exit time in the Residence Hall.

·         Cases in which a student does not comply with entrance-exit timing rules due to field works, trips, educational activities or research can be regarded as exceptions, in which students can be allowed in the Residence Hall after announcing their entrance or exit time and demonstrating proper document.

·         In the event that the Dormitory Head reports violation of time limits and/or unexcused absence, the Residential Life Committee will decide whether the student is allowed to stay or must leave the Residence Hall.

·         In case of unexcused absence for more than 2 weeks during a semester, the student’s Dormitory license contract will be abolished and they should incur the whole semester’s housing fees.

·         Students are allowed to stay at their relatives’ house for some nights. However, they should first fill in some forms involving the relative’s personal information, address, and phone number.

·         Before leaving for a trip, students ought to inform the Dormitory Head about the duration of their absence and announce their return as soon as they come back from the trip.

·         Students should observe the dress code of the community.

·         Students should avoid displacing public properties.

·         All types of harassment and misconduct are forbidden. Students should not make noise inside the Residence Hall or its surroundings, fight with others, nor listen to music, TV, or Radio playing loudly in a way that disturbs others.

·         It is a violation of the University policy for you to disturb neighbors by improper behavior.

·         Due to security reasons, it is forbidden to take photos and /or make videos from the interior of the Residence Hall. Cameras, camcorders, and camera phones are allowed only if you have a permit from the Residential Life.

·         Students engaged in photo/video abuse, directed against other residents are subject to prosecution. In addition to that, any form of abusive behavior will be considered grounds for serious disciplinary action based on the Disciplinary Committee regulations.

·         Overusing utilities (water, gas, and electricity) is against the religious regulations. Electric kettle, electric samovar, rice cooker, freezer, electric heater, gas tube and heating food inside the room are prohibited and will be confiscated.  Extra electricity charge will be billed and the responsibility of damages rests with the individual resident.

·         Residents must use the designated garbage bags and put out the garbage on odd days, i.e., garbage collection days.

·         Prior to departing, Residents should turn off all allowed electrical and gas operated devices, heating and cooling systems.

·         Each individual is required to observe the cleanliness of their room and surroundings, especially the fridge. There will be inspections by residential life.

·         Residents should not interfere with maintenance service office. In the event of any problem, report all maintenance and repair requests to the Dormitory Head in written or oral form. Otherwise, students will be held liable for the consequences including loss of life and property.

·         Dormitory Head is not responsible for residents’ personal possessions; rather, the responsibility rests with the residents themselves.

·         In case of robbery, the resident should report the issue to the Dormitory Head, so that they can investigate the case.

·         The possession, use or distribution of illegal drugs and related stuff is forbidden on the entire campus including the Residence Hall. Students violating this rule will confront severe disciplinary consequences, including the likelihood of removal from the University.

·         The possession, purchase, sale, use or distribution of illegal stuff including illegal CDs or tapes, gambling supplies, warm and cold weapons, all kinds of opiates, psychotropic medications, drug or alcohol abuse are not allowed. Students violating this rule will confront severe disciplinary consequences.

·         All residents are expected to be considerate of noise levels. Noise (including but not limited to voices, amplified music, televisions, musical instruments, radios) must be maintained at all times at a level which does not disturb any other resident. Residents are expected to comply with the requests of others to reduce noise levels at all times.

·         In suspected cases, the Dormitory Head in cooperation with a superior authority accompanied by a representative from the University security is allowed to investigate the resident’s room, suitcase, bag and personal belongings.

·         Residents should avoid verbal or physical confrontation with a student who has violated the rules and regulations or does not comply. Rather let the Residential Life know of the situation.

·         Any physical or verbal dispute will be reported to the Disciplinary Committee and might lead to the expulsion or suspension of the culprit.

·         If a student is disqualified, their resident’s dormitory license contract can be cancelled at any time. Residential life and Disciplinary Committee will endeavor to reach a decision.

·         Residents may not host visitors who are not affiliated with Yasuj University of Medical Sciences (YUMS) as guests, tutors or students.

·         Residents can host students affiliating with YUMS who do not reside in a Residence Hall under reasonable limitations that protect the rights of roommates and the interests of the University community and a written permit from Residential Life.

·         Residents can host their immediate family members for a short period of time just if necessary and if there are enough facilities. The Office of Vice Chancellor for Student and Cultural Affairs should decide about these overnight guests.

·         Conditions for receiving guests in the girls Residence Hall:

·         Guests are allowed to visit during the regular hours, which can be found in the table above.

·         The male guest should be mahram to the girl he visits. He should also present a valid acceptable photo ID card, which will be held by the Dormitory Head during the visit, and fill in the Guest Registration form in order to be signed in.

·         When a male guest visits his wife he is required to present his birth certificate which demonstrates his marital status. ID card only will not suffice.

·         Hosts can visit their guests in public rooms or certain areas during the visiting hours.

·         Quiet hours are determined and announced by the Office of Residential Life based on the season and condition.

·         All residents, employees, and heads residing in Residence Halls are required to abide by YUMS rules and regulations. Violation of any regulation is considered an infraction which is subject to prosecution and will be adjudicated by authorities.